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            LEXAN? (Copolymerized PC Resin)

            A series of products with excellent mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal properties, such as EXL low temperature impact resistance, HFD high tough and flow, SLX superior weatherability, CFR thin-wall, transparent and flame retardant, XHT high

            LNP? (Special Engineering Plastics)

            he special modified composite material has the characteristics of impact resistance, internal lubrication, electrical conductivity, permanent antistatic, electromagnetic wave shielding, high thermal conduction, high rigidity and toughness

            ULTEM? (PEI)

            Amorphous high-performance polymer has excellent weatherability, good chemical corrosion resistance, natural flame retardancy and dimensional stability, and unique electroplating capacity make ULTEM resin an ideal material for telecommunications and

            NORYL? (PPO)

            It is an outstanding multifunctional material,  It has good dimensional stability, low mold shrinkage, low water absorbent and low creep properties at high temperatures, it also has high impact strengt
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